Repowering the Black Country

By BCBF 2021 (other events)

Thursday, October 14 2021 11:00 AM 1:00 PM CET

This online event will include the launch of a new interactive web platform which will help Black Country businesses navigate decarbonisation and cut their energy bills. The virtual platform aims to support all Black Country businesses in profiting from industrial decarbonisation.

The session will be run by the Black Country LEP’s flagship Repowering the Black Country project and provides an opportunity to understand;

  • How the national industrial decarbonisation strategy might impact your business in the next five years
  • How your business can keep on top of opportunities in this area efficiently, using a new virtual zero carbon hub platform, launched at this event.
  • Specific schemes and incentives under consideration by government, including potential carbon labelling of intermediate manufactured products and extended emissions trading schemes
  • Black Country initiatives to ensure these schemes create opportunities locally, and don’t add costs

The UK government has committed to the country having net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Decarbonisation of industry is key to achieving this goal, and is a top priority for the current government, who have committed over £20bn to industrial decarbonisation investments over the next 10 years. This may include the phasing out of gas as a fuel, development of a hydrogen infrastructure, and fundamental changes in the way electricity is charged. They are also considering carbon labelling of manufactured products and extending emissions trading schemes to smaller businesses.

The impact on Black Country manufacturing businesses could be significant, and the Black Country LEP is working with partners nationally to ensure that the perspective of Black Country business is properly represented in these developments and they create opportunities for our region rather than adding costs.


  • 11:00     Introduction
  • 11:05    The challenges and opportunities of the circular economy
  • 11:20    Repowering the Black Country – Black Country manufacturing businesses leading UK efforts
  • 11:35    Launch of Repowering the Black Country’s virtual Zero Carbon Hub Platform
  • 12:05    Case study of industrial decarbonisation
  • 12:20    Q&A and Discussion


  • Matthew Rhodes, Project Director Repowering the Black Country
  • Nersi Salehi, Pro Enviro
  • (Others TBC)