Seizing a World of Opportunity

By BCBF 2021 (other events)

Thursday, October 14 2021 3:00 PM 4:00 PM CET

This event will provide a valuable overview of some recent legislative and policy developments in the environmental and low-carbon arena. Delegates will be provided with information about their legal duties and ways such obligations can become opportunities for future growth and business sustainability, providing a springboard for innovation and evolution into our low carbon future.

Businesses will benefit from increased knowledge and awareness which will help them:

Reduce risk: delegates will be provided with an overview of key legal obligations in relation to carbon, energy and environment – helping them reduce the risk of failing to meet their duties (which could impact business – e.g., fines / bad publicity / increased costs etc.)

Facilitate future planning: upcoming changes and policy developments in relation to energy, carbon and the environment will be covered to facilitate strategic thinking in this context (e.g., future proofing, business sustainability / financial feasibility in terms of reduced business costs etc.)

Catalyse thought: providing a springboard for businesses to think about how the current situation, and future policy, may provide opportunities in terms of innovation, new business, reduced costs, improved business profile etc.