Two Worlds – Creative and Business Sectors Communication and Partnerships

By BCBF 2021 (other events)

Wednesday, October 13 2021 10:30 AM 11:30 AM CET

Two Worlds - the meeting of the creative and business sectors in the region to improve communication and opportunities for both. Come along and find out what the potential could be for your organisation.

This session will bring together two local sectors - the creative sector and the business sector. To understand and explore how better communication and partnerships could offer mutual benefit.

This event has a huge benefit to local business and creative communities by facilitating opportunities to interact, build networks and partnerships. It showcases what the Black Country has to offer in terms of creative landscape, and strengthens existing partnerships while forging new connections and future potential partnerships.

Target Audience:

Those from the creative sector and business sectors who want to find out more about the benefits of cross-sector partnerships and developing relationships.

Agenda (TBC):

Short presentation from speakers from creative and business sectors
Some prompts or exercises to discover what each sector needs
General discussions to build a Black Country plan to improve communication and promote opportunities to develop cross-sector partnerships.

Speakers include: 

Yvonne Gregory CBC (Chair), Kevin Rogers (Paycare) , other creatives and other businesses (TBC)